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About Penned Paper

Welcome to Penned Paper.

This is a group for all lovers of literature. All genres, all styles, all themes. If you are a writer or appreciator of literature you are more than welcome to join or watch the group and take a flick through the gallery.

As deviantART is about exhibiting, appreciating and helping better art we encourage commenting and critiques. We're sure all feedback on works in the gallery is much appreciated and comments welcome. To help improve the quality of literature on dA and aid writers in bettering their work, writing tips are offered each month. To further expose the under-appreciated writers of dA, we do a monthly feature (this may become bi-weekly) of one talented deviant. This consists of a news article, an interview posted in the blog and 4-6 of the artists best works accepted into the 'Feature' folder. If you have any suggestions for a deviant deserving of this feature, please send the group or AlecWolfe a note. We would like to hear all suggestions - and yes, feel free to suggest yourself.

If you wish to contribute please become a member. If you are not a writer or do not intend on contributing to the gallery please, watch the group. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send us or AlecWolfe a note.

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Please, join the group chat VoiceIt. Come and talk about your work, receive some feedback or just have a good old general chat. :typerhappy:

Group Staff:
AlecWolfe - ask her if you have any questions about specific details relating to the group or send her a note if you have any issues (e.g. someone in the group left a mean comment on a work of yours in our gallery) or would like to inquire about a position on staff.

General Co-founder:
If you have any questions or issues concerning the group and Alec is not available, you may ask the Co-Founders; they would be happy to help where they can.

Foreign Language Submissions Staff:
If you have any questions about or suggestions for pieces written in French, please contact UnnoticedBeauty.
If you have any questions about or suggestions for pieces written in Spanish please contact SpiritFingers.

Chat Mods/PeaceKeepers:

We are always looking for people to mod the chat. If you can spare any amount of time a week to do this and would like to, please send AlecWolfe a note.

Just a few rules for members:
  • Please, submit to the correct folder. They are all labeled but if an accident happens your submission will not be declined. We will move it to the correct folder; however, this is not an excuse not to think when submitting.
  • You may submit two pieces per week to each of the following folders: 'Short Stories' 'Fan Art', 'Flash Fiction', 'Poetry', 'Lyrics', 'Mature' and 'Non-fiction'.
  • Submissions to the 'Feedback' folder will receive a critique or in-depth comment. This will be done by AlecWolfe and may include some tips to improve your writing in general as well as comments on the specific piece. You may submit one piece to this folder per month.
    Please note: Submissions to this folder are accepted automatically (without being read) by the staff. Consequently, if inappropriate works are submitted to this folder we will not know until AlecWolfe does the critique. Anyone who submits inappropriate works to thing folder will immediately be blocked from the group. Also, please be patient as critiques take time to do so it could be a fair wait before it gets done.
  • Chapters and continuing stories must be submitted to the 'Chapters' folder. Just one deviation per week per deviant is allowed for this folder. This is to give you time to read over, revise and edit your work before submitting it to the group. Stories containing characters who appear in numerous one shots may be submitted into the 'Short Stories', 'Flash Fiction', 'Scripts' etc folders appropriate to the work.
  • Any deviations with a strict mature content warning must be submitted to the 'Mature' folder. We will not reject any works that have a mature content warning; however, dA rules state works containing explicit violence, sexual themes, strong language and/or ideologically sensitive themes must be flagged with a STRICT mature content warning.
  • Please submit fan art to the correct folder and ensure you have appropriately credited the owner of the characters. This is important and works that fail to have this will be rejected.
  • Visual poetry will be accepted; submit into the 'Visual Poetry' folder. There is no limit on submissions to this folder. The same applies for scripts - submit to the 'Scripts' folder.
  • Completed character bios may be submitted to the 'Characters' folder. Do not submit character memes to this folder; they will be rejected. You may submit one per day to this folder.
  • You may submit literature related stamps (of any theme as long as they relate in some way to literature) that you would like to share to the 'Literature Based Stamps' folder. You may also submit literature tags to the 'Author Tags' folder. We encourage members to use author tags as it helps us to recognise you work.
  • We accept non-English pieces. Submit these to the 'Foreign Language' folder; there is not limit to the number of pieces you may submit to this folder.
    Please note: Staff may not be able to read the piece. dA submission rules must be followed.
  • You may submit essays to the 'Essay' folder. There is no restriction on this.
  • Prompts - must be submitted to the 'Prompts' folder. You may do any and all of the prompts from the current or past sets, but may only do each once.You must mention in the artists comments that the prompt is for this group, state the prompt and acknowledge the source of it (e.g. the song artists etc).

We are dedicated to improving the quality of literature on dA and increasing exposure to the writers who make up the community. For this reason, we reserve the right to reject pieces already in six or more other group galleries. It is not fair on other deviants to exploit the system in this manner. This is not an attack on the writer and has nothing to do with the quality of the work.
For more information why we do this please read the news article Group Abuse: Killing our Communities by DavidVogt.

There are a lot of folders and this for a reason - to allow ease of viewing. So, please, again, submit to the correct folder. Enjoy.


These are our wonderful affiliate groups...check 'em out.

If you would like to become an affiliate use the widget or send me a note. If you are running a contest or anything, send me a note with the details and a link to the information and I'll post it in the affiliates blog.

Gallery Folders

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Random from Featured

These are some of the works submitted into the group gallery that I feel are truly exceptional.
PennedPaper aims to promote the work of writers on dA. Part of this includes regular features. If you have a suggestion for a dA writer who you'd like to see featured, send us a note.


March Feature Deviant is:

3wyl · :icon3wyl:


How long have you been using dA?

Not many know this, but I actually joined back in 2007. I left shortly after, but... well, as you can see, I'm here again. ^^;

I've been using dA for two years, judging by this account. :)

Favourite author?

I have too many favourite authors to list! I'll just list my favourite poet: Rainer Maria Rilke. I can't really express my feelings and thoughts for his poetry, as no words of mine can sum up what it really means. :love:

However, I can list a few of my favourite authors, them being Charlie Fletcher (for his wit and awesome diction), Neal Shusterman (engaging plot line, I seriously recommend 'Unwind'!), Maggie Stiefvater (beautiful imagery) and Patrick Ness (profound style).

Favourite poem?

My favourite poem is "I am alone in the world" by Rilke... although there are so many versions out there! It has been translated many times, which may be why.

This poem is something that I can relate to so well, and it's written so eloquently, I feel. I have it on my desktop so I always see it when I go on the computer. It's something that is ever present in my life, but I guess it just depends on your own interpretation. ^^;

Recommended reading - 4-5 novels/plays/poems etc you would suggest to others to read?

I would recommend all of the authors I've suggested above, actually! They're all 'young adult', I think, but they're all so engaging and they have individual points about them that make the novel fantastic and fun to read. :heart:

How long have you been writing for?

I was introduced into the art scene quite late, I have to say. I started writing when I was thirteen or so... thirteen was an age that was pretty monumental for me, in so may different ways...That's another story for another day. ^^;

What kind of literature to do you write?

I usually write about human nature and touch lightly on philosophy. I try to write something that provokes thought and that is introspective to us, because sometimes I feel that we're not looking inwards enough for us to realise certain things that are in front of us, if that makes sense?

In terms of form, I do terribly there. :XD:

I'm pretty experimental when it comes to my literature, but I like to stick with flash fiction for prose and haikus for poetry, usually.  

How did you get into writing?

I have absolutely no clue. :D

Before the age of thirteen, I didn't really like literature and I hadn't delved into it much, but things were going on in real life and I felt I needed to escape, I needed to be somewhere else.

I channelled all of that into a world that I typed up on the computer. I managed to finish it (albeit loosely) with about twenty-eight chapters or so and I remember looking back at it a few years later asking myself what the heck I was thinking.

At the time, it helped a lot, and it spurred me to use writing as something more than just writing, if that makes sense. :D

Why do you write?

Writing is cathartic, more than anything, for me. I first wrote for the sake of it, to create worlds that were real, yet not real, as well.

It was for sublimation, the want to express and find an outlet for the intense emotion felt inside.

Do you believe there is an aspect to a piece of literature that will make it successful (e.g. characters, setting, style), and if so, what do you think it is?

I wouldn't say there was a set 'aspect' to a piece.. certainly not just one aspect. Things like a good set of characters, believable settings and an engaging style obviously help, and I think a piece of literature is an equation and balance of all of these aspects.

However, that only applies to certain forms of literature, such as novels. I think novels can be made more successful if there is a plot twist. Personally, I wouldn't say no to some humour and an underlying story, such as romance or tension of some kind.

There are many different forms, though, and not all require these things, which are quite common in something as familiar as novels. Take six word stories, for example. You certainly can't fit all the different aspects in just six words, and yet they can be so powerful, regardless.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that literature is a fluid thing... sure, there are some set 'guidelines' (like grammar and spelling), but it's something that we can wield, much like any type of art, really. It just depends. ^^;

Do you become attached to your characters? If so, what is it about them that causes you to do so?

Perversely enough, my problem is that I don't become attached at all, and that may be part of the reason why I can never write a novel or anything longer than a short, flash fiction piece. I guess I don't have enough creativity or imagination to keep them alive, bless their souls. :aww:

Could you kill off a character?

I guess this leads on from the question above, but yes, I can definitely kill off a character... although I'd be sad that I couldn't continue to live through them, as such, I wouldn't feel anything more than that, though. :P

Why do you like dA as a place to post your work? And, do you feel you receive constructive feedback on your work?

I don't post that often on dA, but when I do, it's mainly to gather thoughts, opinions and different perspectives. I find it all fascinating how one person can interpret something to be in this way, and then another can interpret it completely differently. It all makes it more enjoyable, and it also means there is communication between writer and reader, and more of a connection and understanding as well.

I receive some feedback that I would define as 'nice' as 'ego boosters'. Sometimes I receive constructive feedback, but, to be honest, I'd rather people thought about the concept and content of it all rather than critiquing the piece itself.  

I'm not specifically looking for constructive feedback on the execution, so, if I do receive it, it's lovely of them to comment in such a way, but I just want some light debating on the content. Heck, not even that. If I've made someone think and question things, then that's pretty good for me.

You are an admin for DailyLitDeviations. What is it that you do for DLD and what got you involved with it?

Ah, this takes me back a long time... Within a few months, I wanted to be a prose/poetry admin because I saw DailyLitDeviations everywhere. However, I wasn't successful, but I was contacted later on to be a General Admin, and then, from there, I became Contest Admin and then Affiliate News Admin. You can say that I've moved a fair bit. ^^;

I organise the contests on DailyLitDeviations and I posted the 'LitLight' series when that was going on. :)

As to what got me specifically involved, just a desire to help the community, really. It's why I'm here on deviantART. :heart:

You founded the group SixWordStories. Tell us about it and it's goals.

SixWordStories... where to begin. xD

I think SixWordStories is the only group that specifically focuses on six word stories. We mainly provide prompts, challenges and other projects to get people motivated and inspired to create six word stories, as it's an art form that not many are familiar with, I think. We're mainly an art creation group, in that sense, and I have to say that I love the stories that people come up with and I love my role in SixWordStories. One of the best things is that you can read the whole story in just the preview, but I guess I shouldn't say that. ^^;

We don't have any goals specifically at SixWordStories. I mainly wanted to provide a home for everyone in the community... and it's generally good to have six word story writers in one place, those alike flock alike sort of thing.

I guess, if I had to say, it would be to make the group a home for artists and to have fun overall. I want an atmosphere that is relaxed, warm and enjoyable... I wouldn't say no to the continuation of that alongside the possibility of building onto the community that we already have to make it as strong as it can be.

Do you have any advice for people when joining groups or getting the most of out dA?

In terms of joining groups, only join the ones that you really feel you can contribute to. That doesn't mean submitting your deviation to the gallery, it means participating in the projects, taking part in what the group has to offer and giving your support to the group. Sure, it acts as a home for us all and such, but there are people, deviants just like you and me, that try and run the group. It doesn't help if you are members of loads and loads of groups and your priorities are split.

To get the most out of dA, give your most to dA. I don't really have that much sympathy for those that sit in their corner, waiting for popularity or something else to come and fall onto their laps. It doesn't work that way in life, so why should it work on dA? That's not to say that some people don't achieve it, some do, but, for the majority, we have to work our asses off, and we are better for it, I think. It's much more rewarding, and... well, I'll let this quote say it all:

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life -- happiness, freedom, and peace of mind -- are always attained by giving them to someone else. ~ Peyton Conway March

Most of all, though, just enjoy it and have fun. Integrate yourself into the community and find a set of friends that will stick by you no matter what. It's not about pageviews, statistics or even popularity here, it's about the art and the connection that we all share.

SixWordStories is a running a 52 Week Six Word Story Challenge. Tell us about this and what deviants need to do to get involved.

Deviants can jump in and out any time. When people read "52 Week" or "365 Days", it feels like a contract sometimes, but for this, you're definitely not in a contract. If you feel like taking part, please do! If you don't, that's fair enough as well. :)

We've teamed up with theWrittenRevolution and it's basically a project that anyone and everyone can participate in. The main goal is for the challenge to be challenging and for writers to develop skills, knowledge about themselves as writers and to just broaden minds, really.

You don't need to be a member or anything. It's not restrictive in any way... or rather, we hope that. :D

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? Best advise?

Read, practice, write. Reading will hopefully develop your vocabulary, practising makes perfect (as they say), and writing keeps on that regularity of it all, if you do it constantly. Develop your own sense of style and just.. go with the flow of things and have fun.

I don't really know any specific tips and advice, as such. If you can, join some Groups that focus on literature and take part in their projects, find workshops, and do a bit of basic research on things. I guess that I'm trying to say is to be active rather than passive, which is a massively hypocritical thing for me to say. :XD:

If you really believe you have talent, you really feel that this is what you want to do and you think you've got an awesome concept, go for it. However, don't raise your expectations too high when words don't come out or they create the wrong sort of impression on the audience or anything else, in fact. It takes time and effort, but also goals that are doable and within range help a lot as well.

3wyl does several regular news articles, they include:

Works to Check Out
Forgotten | My Wings II | the f'l'ail of Wings | Flourish | Inside

Thank you again 3wyl for taking the time to participate in this interview and for providing such great, in-depth answers. :heart:

If you'd would like to suggest a deviant for the next devFeature please send PennedPaper or AlecWolfe a note.
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


Hi, We are your friendly admins. If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a note. If you have written a work that you feel is strong, and you are quite fond of, ask Alec and she'll have a read...maybe it'll end up in Favourites.




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